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The directive of the Sanilac Rescue Mission is to provide RADICAL hospitality to those in need. But what does radical hospitality really look like? Mark chapter 2: 1-12 recounts the story of radical love shown to a man who lived on the fringes of society. His life was confined to the small mat he sat on daily as he begged for food from passersby. No doubt the man on the mat knew the feeling of rejection; he’d been overlooked and scoffed at many times before. A man in his circumstance, disabled, a beggar, unable to provide for himself or his family, was often thought of as having done something disgraceful in life, having committed some egregious sin to have deserved the punishment he suffered. Without radical intervention there was little hope for a man like this in 1st century Israel. Despite the cultural norms and potential for ridicule, four men determined within themselves to do whatever it takes to bring this man the healing and freedom he needed to get back on his feet and move forward in life. Although significant obstacles stood in there way, their faith and dedication radically changed the beggar’s life forever.

In much the same way, SRM strives every day to walk hand in hand with men who find themselves facing overwhelming barriers in life. Being radical means picking up our brother’s mat and helping him crash through anything that stops him from full restoration. Some days that looks like a long ride out of town to get a new birth certificate, others it's help filling out paperwork to access much needed social services, sometimes its assistance in building a resume and applying for jobs, but it’s always an open ear, a compassionate heart and a readiness to share the love and healing offered through our Savior Jesus Christ.


In the keeping with our directive to show radical love, SRM will begin offering daytime classes as of Monday May 6th 2019. Guests who desire to stay in the shelter during the day or find themselves needing to stay longer than 30 days will be required to participate in our S.A.V.E. (Spiritually Accountable, Vocationally Equipped) program. The SAVE program is a series of 24 classes taught over a period of 90 days. 12 classes are spiritual in nature, teaching the basics of Christian doctrine and how it applies to the challenges of everyday life. The other 12 are life skills classes designed to prepare guests to excel in the workplace. The SAVE program will also include professional counseling by ACTS Christian Counseling Services, recovery meetings, anger management taught by Community Mental Health, cooking & nutrition classes taught by Michigan State University Extension, Budgeting classes taught by local financial professionals and more. Upon successful completion of the 12 weeks each guest will receive a certificate recognizing their hard work and accomplishment.


We are proud to have professionals from our community volunteering in this capacity. If you are interested in sharing your expertise in this way, please contact us today!

Local Businesses

We're always on the lookout for local businesses interested in partnering with us to provide job opportunities to our guests. If you own a company and are looking to hire, consider contacting us about our S.A.V.E. program. Our guests who graduate from this rigorous 90 day program have shown the commitment and determination and takes to be given a second chance in life.

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