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Updated: Apr 26, 2019

Even in a rural area such as the Thumb, homelessness continues to be an ongoing problem. Causes of homelessness can vary widely from the loss of a job, incarceration, injury, disease to mental illness, addiction or even the loss of a close relationship. Beyond the physical challenges, a very real battle begins against hopelessness, loneliness, despair and fear. The negative feelings that arise from being homeless often propel life into a downward spiral plagued with stigma and rejection. When fought alone, homelessness can be nearly an impossible battle to overcome. But there is hope.

The Sanilac Rescue Mission, or SRM, believes in showing radical hospitality to all who enter our doors. We are commissioned with providing hope, direction, and Christ to those in need. Because of the transforming power of Christ's love; we are able to radically serve each individual with the personal support needed to break the chains hopelessness. Through daily mentoring, personal case management, professional counseling, life skills classes and the utilization of community supports, each guest is given the tools and opportunity to lead their own change out of poverty. While rebuilding their lives, SRM comes along side to provide for the physical and spiritual needs. Chapel service every night, devotions every morning, and required church attendance on the weekend keep each guest reminded of who they are through God’s eyes and the incredible plan He has for them.

This newsletter is designed to give you an inside peek into the trials and triumphs of SRM as we strive daily to be more than a warm bed and a hot meal. Most importantly we are Christians in the trenches; daily fighting alongside our brothers in need; helping them rebuild their lives on the firm foundation of Jesus Christ. Thank you for joining us in the good fight!

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