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Testimony From A Guest

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

After the death of my daughter, I gave up on life. As a result of that decision to give up I pushed my wife away, lost my family, and everything I owned. I even lost my freedom. I dove into a bottle of whiskey and didn’t come out for 10 months. After regaining my freedom, I was determined to dedicate my life to helping others by preventing the epidemic of addiction from destroying families. However, I had nowhere to go. With only a backpack of clothes I was lost…I only knew I wanted to do what Jesus called me to do. Emotionally, spiritually and mentally broken and suffering immensely, I was told about the Sanilac Rescue Mission. I was terrified of being someone who had to stay at a homeless shelter, but I promised God and my daughter in heaven that I would do whatever Jesus called me to do. I swallowed my pride and came to Sanilac Rescue Mission. And just as God promised, by doing what He asked of me, my life go better in every way. The staff not only helped me get mental health care, medical care, housing resources and food; they helped foster my growth in my walk with Christ. I found a family that gives unconditional love. I found that the other guests are extremely good people, full of love and only broken like I was. Because of this place and the people in it I am fulfilling my purpose and have found a path to peace. I am not alone anymore and I know God has me right where I need to be. I am so grateful for this place and my new extended family. They have given me hope.

Thank you so much Sanilac Rescue Mission. You are saving lives, more than you know.

- Jon

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