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SRM Starts a Community Garden

There are few jobs that provide such rich opportunities to learn and grow than simply planting and caring for a garden. In many ways the Rescue Mission feels like a spiritual nursery. Men come in need of help, they may have stones and thorns in their past but as they spend time in the Word and develop a healthy routine, the soil of their life is worked and fertilized. What was once hard dry ground eventually becomes rich, fertile soil, ready and willing to accept seed. As seed is sown and new growth begins to shine through, we work together to watch for weeds and keep the enemy from stealing the fruit. It brings us great joy to watch the Lord bring the increase!

In our continued effort to be a blessing to the surrounding community, SRM has begun to plant a large community garden. The guests staying at SRM will be the ones to work the garden and keep it. As vegetables become available we will use some to feed our homeless guests and the rest will be distributed to those in need throughout the neighborhood.

Have a garden related donation? We could certainly use more tools, shovels, rakes and wheelbarrows to make this garden a success. See a complete list of garden items needed in our article entitled "Updated Needs List".

Want to come help in the garden? We could always use volunteers to assist with planting, weeding and other garden chores. Call Richard Germain at (810) 837-1573 to get more information on becoming an SRM volunteer!

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