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Rescue Garden

S.R.M. started a community garden project this spring. A volunteer tilled out a plot of ground. Some of our guests then cleaned it up and got it ready to plant. One guest in particular, Mike, took charge and made it happen. He spent many hours tending to the garden, making sure all the vegetables were planted and watered. With a late start to the garden we were concerned that not much would happen. But similar to all of the other things that happen at S.R.M, the garden was blessed. I am reminded of a scripture that says that one person plants and another waters but it is God who provides the increase. This scripture is talking about the seeds that we sow in the lives around us. But with every spiritual truth there is always a reflection in the physical. The way that this garden has prospered, even against what people have thought and said, shows me the beauty of farming and how it can relate to people. We never really know how a seed is going to grow when we plant it. We may not be the one to even harvest its fruit. But when we put it in God’s hands and trust in Him, He will provide the growth. If you’ll look at the picture you will see that God has blessed this garden. We have experienced the goodness of God through His provision. The garden is producing some of the best tasting vegetable I have ever had! It is my prayer that God would bless the seeds we sow into people’s lives the way He blessed this garden and that workers who dedicate themselves to the toil of garden work, like Mike has, would be sent to disciple the people and watch God grow them!

- Rob Ray

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