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Guest Testimony

My name is Scott Frary I was born in a wonderful Christian home, with 2 hard working parents that provided us kids with everything a family needed. Nice clothes, vacations, youth group trips etc. Around 14 years old is when my troubles started. I experimented with weed and drinking almost every weekend, which started causing depression and bring back old memories of things I did as a child that my parents never knew about. So I would drink more and smoke more weed. I fell away from God and pushed Him farther and farther away. I turned 16 and got my license to drive and was a good driver sober, but high or drinking was a different story but I knew a lot of cops and got let go a lot with warnings. Never learning my lesson. I began to hang out with the wrong crowd. We thought we were cool drinking, smoking weed, tripping on acid, stealing, and do whatever we wanted. My parents told me to pack my truck and never come home again. That really crushed me. Which I know it crushed them just as much. By this time I was a full-fledged alcoholic. I decided to sell my stuff and moved to California. I discovered meth which got me in trouble with the law. So, I moved back to Michigan. I lived with a couple who were both big time alcoholics so my drinking just increased. I turned 19 and met a 32 year old lady and got her pregnant. I tried to do the dad thing but it wasn’t working. So I moved home to my parents, well that wasn’t working cause I got caught growing weed, got kicked out and moved back up north to try the dad thing again and got her pregnant again. When I turned 21 and it was off to the races. I ended up moving back down staying with my brother meeting a great woman got married and had my son Nick who I raised but she left me after 12 years because of my daily drinking and cheating on her. Well then I got with the lady I cheated on my first wife with and we got married she over looked all my drinking bought me beer daily and provided me weed on the tray. But she was a very mean person. Then after 10 years she kicked me out after my stroke because I had problems of anger and bedroom problems, bathing problems, it was hard to work, and she was very mentally, physically, and emotionally abusive. But because I was constantly drunk and high I never noticed it. Well one night we got in an argument she asked me to leave, so I left the next morning. She had a p.p.o. out on me which was all a hoax and so I OD’d on pills and was in the I.C.U for 3 weeks and psyche unit for 2 weeks. I found out she had new man moved in 2 days after I left. So then my suicide thoughts went up again and my drinking doubled and I had no hope to live. I worked for a farmer and he kept me from taking my life. Then Sept. 8th they had an auction and sold out and I had to move out and had no place to go so I met a friend who gave me the number to the Sanilac Rescue Mission. I talked to Jeff; he said come on up a bed is open. Well I ended up finding a part time job and stayed from couch to couch drinking a case a night and taking all my medications just hoping not to wake up to face the world the next day. Satan had his hands wrapped right around me laughing, well I lost my job, no more couches to sleep on; I had one last check. So 5 months later I called the shelter and Jeff answered and said, “Hey Scott” I said how did you know it was me and he said he saved my phone number because he knew I would be calling back. Well I took a train to Lapeer and got a ride to the shelter. I was very nervous at first but Jeff invited me in with open arms of faith and brother hood. I came in as a terrible alcoholic, shakes and sweats, terrible dreams, you name it. But every day I prayed and talked to God, I listened at devotions, and chapels, I would ask questions; well day after day I felt my faith grow stronger and stronger. My need for a drink became not a whisper of a thought. The shelter is a place of comfort of hope and faith for the lost like I was. I feel if more shelters could bring God and the Bible and brother hood the simple rules to keep a clean and up kept place. I feel this is very important. I just know I was suffering and alone and lost before I found Sanilac Rescue Mission. From the grace, and glory and faith from the leadership of Sanilac Rescue Mission my path of faith is so true and the Word of God has been planted in my heart and it has been bearing good fruit. A scripture that really stands out to me and sums it all up is Galatians 2:20 “I have been crucified with Christ; and it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself up for me.”

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