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Beyond The Walls

At the Sanilac Rescue Mission we believe that the ministry goes beyond our walls. While guests are here at the Sanilac Rescue Mission we provide a bed, a meal, and counseling services. Once a guest leaves the Mission how do we continue to minister? They may have a home but maybe they still need some things. Many men who leave need food in the fridge, furniture in the house, or other help like transportation or just some fellowship.

As in-kind donations come in, at times we may have an

overflow. Instead of letting it go to waste we help families and former SRM guest to fill their fridges. We believe that God has called us to be good stewards of what we have been given. So we go to great lengths to bless others.

One of the guests that we have been able to bless beyond our walls is a young man and his family. Christopher Dumont, or CJ, came to the Sanilac Rescue Mission because of misfortunate events in his own life. While staying at SRM, CJ gave his life to Jesus and invited Christ to be the Lord and Savior of his life. CJ had some complications in his family relationships at the time. Since he has given his life to Christ, God has reconciled his relationship with his mother and father and he has been going to church on a regular basis. We have had the opportunity to bless CJ and his family with food and clothes. We have helped filled his fridge with extra food that we have had.

We are blessed to be a blessing. The donations that come to SRM have overflowed beyond the walls to help those in need. This is the true meaning of what we believe as radical hospitality!

-Robert Ray II

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